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The main cause of poor air quality in air-conditioned rooms is poor, and sometimes no cleaning or maintenance of air conditioners.


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Due to ignorance, a large number of users are of the opinion that air conditioners should not be cleaned and disinfected by an authorized service, but that it is enough to regularly monitor the filters. Such a device is a real source of infection and can be the cause of many diseases caused by bacteria that have multiplied on the evaporator indoor unit. Only when they start to feel uncomfortable in air-conditioned rooms, when the device smells unpleasant or when the device does not cool down enough, they turn to service technicians for help.


Here’s Why You Need Us.

Your air conditioner (AC) has an important task to fulfil. It has to keep your family and friends comfortable indoors.
When this reliable machine breaks down, the conditions can be dire. Everyone’s sweltering in the heat and becomes frustrated. But, more importantly, reparations can be expensive.
Your AC needs servicing now and then. Think of it like a car. A car requires maintenance services to work better. Your air conditioner needs servicing too. Servicing can extend its life by 40%!

A Dependable Team

At Unichrome, our team focuses on installation, maintenance, and repair.

Take care of your AC. It works throughout the summer to keep you comfortable. Unfortunately, an air conditioner is equipped with different constantly working components, making it susceptible to damage.

An air conditioner must be dependable. Preventive maintenance is crucial for reliability. Sadly, users tend to ignore any services until the machine stops working. That’s why you need the Unichrome team by your side.

Our team of experts will ensure that all your systems are running at peak capacity. More importantly, our services can help you save thousands in repair or replacement costs. We work with any brand of air conditioners and higher-power heat pumps.

Why You Should Get Our Services

Air conditioners tend to have a significant breakdown in the middle of summer. Then, when you think everything’s okay, the AC goes down. Here’s why you should get Unichrom’s Air Conditioning Services.

Regular air conditioning services will ensure optimal performance throughout all seasons. But, more importantly, it consumes less energy!

When your AC is running optimally, it seamlessly meets the set temperature. So you’ll be comfortable all summer!

Our services will help you detect all the potential problems. This process is cheap and saves you from expensive repairs. Get your AC checked early to protect yourself from emergency calls!

There’s no question that a well-maintained AC lasts longer. So make the most out of your investment by starting early!

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