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Installation of air conditioners includes mounting indoor and outdoor units

Installation of air conditioning

on the wall up to 3 meters high, without the use of scaffolding or car crane, penetration of one wall (brick up to 55cm thick, reinforced up to 30cm), vacuuming and commissioning, with a maximum of:

Does your air conditioner struggle to cool your room in the summer? Does your latest electricity bill make you confused? Is your bill as high as the temperature of your house?

So, does your AC not meet all your comforts? If you answered yes, it may be time to replace your AC.

Of course, a good AC will last you ten years. A terrific AC will last you a few years more. However, like every other machine, air conditioners diminish with age. Preventive maintenance can help you save the added bills from replacements.

Our team of experts can help you diagnose the symptoms in no time. Whether you need to replace your AC or merely service it, we can get it sorted. Also, all evaluations are free of cost.

Home air conditioners

In order to provide you with the most comfortable climate in your home, we offer you a large selection of wall air conditioners from the world’s most famous brands Fujitsu , Mitsubishi Electric , Toshiba , Gree and Azuri . These are the names that guarantee top efficiency and reliability through modern technologies and designs that will complement any interior, they have heating options that are increasingly used. With an offer from basic to top models, all price classes and energy classes from A , A + , A ++ and A +++, we are sure you will find the air conditioner just for you. In case you cannot decide for yourself due to our wide offer or you have additional questions, we also offer you an advisory service on choosing your new air conditioner.

Commercial air conditioners

Productivity and working atmosphere of business premises largely depend on temperature and working conditions. Equip your space with the highest quality air conditioners. We offer a wide range of options for installing air conditioners, depending on your preferences and the architecture of the space itself, whether you are looking for wall units, cassette units, duct units or ceiling units. We also offer smart air conditioners – “Wi-fi ready” air conditioners that allow easy temperature control via Wi-Fi technology. We offer a wide selection of mono split Toshiba air conditioners, in various price ranges, adapted to all variants – from small to large business premises.

With the air-water heat pump, the natural heat from the environment-air is used to provide heating, preparation of hot water, but also cooling in the house at very reasonable costs. We offer TOSHIBA, SAMSUNG, Mitsubishi, Gree

Industrial air conditioners

VRF systems are air conditioning systems for large commercial and industrial buildings and spaces such as hospitals, hotels, etc. With its high efficiency, ease of use and easy maintenance, it guarantees control and monitoring at all times and is the best solution for any business space. We offer TOSHIBA, SAMSUNG, MIDEA, MITSUBISHI and GREE VFR systems.

Cold rooms

We equip and maintain chambers of all types and purposes. From design to installation of panels and doors, and complete cooling equipment. We use only the best materials and equipment from renowned world manufacturers. We provide a guarantee for all installed equipment and we have provided all the necessary technical documentation in accordance with legal provisions.


Industrial and agricultural halls

Build your own hall according to your own wishes and needs! Whether it is a production hall, warehouse, industrial hall or engine room, we can assemble the facility according to your wishes and needs. Choose from a variety of wall facades, roofing and a wide range of accessories. Try different facade variants, color concepts and building shapes.
At your request, as an expert in the construction of steel and wooden structures, we are pleased to compile an economical offer for a composite building or visit you for a personal interview. Favorable price combined with the quality of our production and assembly – these are our advantages.

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Are you wondering how much an air conditioning installation might take? Worry no more! Unichrom provides free estimates for the replacement process. If you need to install a new air conditioner in your home, we got your back. Our team offers professional and affordable heating and cooling solutions! We have been in this service for over 25 years. Our team is no stranger to the land of Croatia. We are a state-licensed contractor who offers a range of services!


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